Biography of Tyrone

Having grown up in North America's oldest and largest project housing community, Regent Park, I have learned the powerful role media has over the preception of an entire community. In my youth, the area was only known for its crime due to the coverage over the mainstream media of the area. While the neighborhood was indeed struggling with serious crime and poverity years ago, there were certainly a lot of great things going on that were not well highlighted. I often felt embarassed to even tell people where I lived. As I was very commonly used to the negative reactions I would get to telling anyone "I am from Regent Park".

I've learned the importance of connecting multi-media arts with social change and enabling young people to becoming their own journalists and storytellers from within their community. By using the power of new media, they could then help kurb the negative perception of Regent Park.

By being exposed to a growing variety of new media tools, I have gained skills in radio and television broadcasting, photography, motion graphics, graphic design for print and web and social media and streaming technologies.

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