Guild of Peculiars

Known Issues

- Chests will make closing sound effect even if they were not opened
- Sometimes opening chests and walking away prevents ability to collect loot on floor

Change Logs:

Pre-Alpha 1.4.5c - not yet released

- now 64 Bit!
- Improved SAO
- physics removed from cob-webs
- Fixed issue with one of the orcs not being able to move
- weapons equipped will now properly maintain their gold value variable
- inventory slot refresh system updated to use Lua function
- removed constant player raycaster nil return check (fps boost)
- if you drink poison, a notification will appearing telling you which character drank it
- fixed width for player 1 and 2 mouse over detection
- loot enemy corpse text now wont appear if you are standing directly on top of them
- you must be within visible distance to loot corpse (currently looting bodies is not yet supported)

Pre-Alpha 1.4.4c
- July 2nd, 2022

- More notification text prompts have been converted to the new message system
- improved enemy avoidance system to encourage AI to move out of player grid
- enemy AI code optimized
- project moved to latest version of the GG engine which includes faster load times
- when party member is injured, its portrait will no longer remain red (unless dead)
- if party member's head is less then 0 then set to 0 to prevent issues with negative values
- enemy bodies no longer follow the player
- a loot body prompt will appear if you kill an enemy (can't actually loot them yet)
- enemies will no longer attempt to attack player unless they are aligned on the grid with the player
- enemy will try not to move unless it has stopped moving first

Pre-Alpha 1.4.3c
June 22nd, 2022

- Enemy combat text updates changed to new system
- Enemy walking animations added!
- Enemy grid movement speed increased to lower the chance of player/enemy sharing same grid
- enemy movement attempt will now only be triggered if the player is at least 120 (GG units) distance from the player
- if the player and enemy end up in same grid - the enemy will attempt to move outside of it
- damage text is now set to local variable
- party member health status check now not constant (FPS boost)

Pre-Alpha 1.4.2c
June 18th, 2022

- Collectable items in environment now use local variable for distance check
- Doors now use local variable for distance check
- some corner piece structures changed to non-physics
- player raycasting changed to local variables
- player starting position will now detect based on dev placement rather than static variables
- gender is no longer displayed on status screen
- Depth Of Field Blur disabled by default (can be enabled in options)
- on screen text now converted to function for easier application of strings
- starting random gold no longer gives possible 0 amount
- fixed clickable region for bump sound option

Pre-Alpha 1.4.1c
June 11, 2022

- Improved Player detection of west facing
- immersive mode no longer uses up global variable
- Immersive mode will no longer display black fade at top of screen
- you can now toggle vignette visuals in the settings menu under graphics
- old raycaster removed from enemies
- enemies can now move! (no walk animations yet)
- enemies will not move while the menu screen is open
- enemies will not move while the player is looking up or down
- enemies will not attempt to move at the exact time the player does
- Character Creator title size reduced
- fixed lower case typo with dexterity attribute
- smart attribute modifier plus and minus buttons added
- audio settings button click regions fixed for standard HD resolutions
- gender removed from party member starting list display
- race and class combined into single description for character starts
- doors open faster
- small tweaks to level design

Pre-Alpha 1.4.0
June, 4th, 2022

- player 1 cooldown set to 0 if dead
- spell element types are currently hidden since there is no categorizing system for spells
- question mark symbol removed from "Cleaver" weapon display name
- spell levels removed since there are no spell levels yet
- spider webs moved to locked grid placement to prevent hand icon appearing when your not close enough to interact
- fixed issue that would cause player 1 to start without a weapon

Pre-Alpha 1.3.9
January 27, 2022

- equipping a torch no longer displays a lit and unlit one
- dragging and dropping a torch onto a party member will automatically make it lit
- character creator backdrop image repositioned from 0,0 to -1,-1 to prevent pixel bleed
- orc speech will now display subtitles

Pre-Alpha 1.3.8

January 22nd, 2022

- Fixed issue where black menu background for Armor tab was invisible
- mouse cursor position debug text disabled
- character creator background black plate, widened
- fixed issue where when you pick up weapons or any item, it would lose its item type information.
- found weapons can now be equipped!
- clicking and holding the left mouse click button on inventory tab buttons no longer causes buzzing noise
- character creator screen title text scaled down

Pre-Alpha 1.3.7

January 21st, 2022

- gold collect sound effect added for when looting enemies
- small adjustment to the handling of weapon IDs
- character creation screen buttons (close, customize, start game) have been replaced with PNG's to prevent text overflow on smaller resolutions
- character creation background screen set to maintain its aspect ratio
- character creation background screen scaled up to fit small resolutions
- game version text on screen reduce in font size as to not fall off on small monitors and to not obscure the game view
- game version text on screen moved slightly to the left to not fall off screen
- gold count moved to the left of screen as to not fall off screen on small monitors or tight width resolutions.

Pre-Alpha 1.3.6

(December 18th, 2021)

- Weapon equipping process will attempt to place in slot 1 first before 2nd
- a message will display if attempting to equipment weapon but both hands are full

Pre-Alpha 1.3.5

(November 12th, 2021)

- Weapons and Armor now have 3 new attributes added
- work has started moving weapon data references to their actual item properties
- the majority of all possible items now contain more dynamic data to reference
- armor defense data now references from actual item property
- armor wears no longer carry an "amount" variable since only 1 can be worn at a time
- all armor types now have unique defense stats (currently unbalanced!)
- weapon durability modifier removed
- unused mp_potion and sp_potion variables removed
- can now equip weapons from inventory!
- equipping a weapon will now display who is equipping what weapon
- small updates to torch system

Pre-Alpha 1.3.4

(October 29th, 2021)

- Fixed issue causing potions to display "full" message for attributes they do not effect
- new text notifications added for inventory actions (mostly for debugging)
- Unequip text prompt added for when attempting to unequip (even though we dont have unequip function added yet)
- fixed issue related to potion effects losing effectiveness if they are moved around in inventory
- auto potion process moved to new optimized checkhealth function
- dead party member process moved to new optimized checkhealth function
- unused left and right hand code removed

Pre-Alpha 1.3.3

(October 28th, 2021)

- clicking on an empty slot in the inventory will no longer change the cursor
- fixed issue causing the UI to lock up if you attempt to left click on an empty slot in inventory
- fixed issue with item swap attempt
- fixed two error prompts related to spells
- fixed issue that would cause items to disappear if double-left-clicked on

Pre-Alpha 1.3.2

(October 25th, 2021)

- all potion types are now using the new optimized processing
- correction to some of the potion types
- fixed issue not allowing player to eat some food items
- item reference "amount" variable removed and left for only inventory data
- debug prompt removed for checking for if health of party members is negative
- weight attribute removed from spells
- weight attribute removed from all items (weight has no purpose anymore)
- fixed issue with clickable area for weapon slots
- further corrections to drag and drop regions
- can now drag and drop items into empty inventory slots
- can now stack items by dragging and dropping onto same types
- inventory hover over items will now display the item type
- fixed crash bug related to quest items
- game over processing no longer checks consistently, only when health is damaged

Pre-Alpha 1.3.1

(October 22nd, 2021)

- Fixed issue with item descriptions changing while dragging an item over other items
- started work on making it possibly to drag weapons out of belt slot (not fully functional)
- orc warrior health reduced to balance with player
- using special potions or consuming food will no longer make your health exceed 100%

Pre-Alpha 1.3.0

(October 17th, 2021)

- Rare Blue Feather item added
- Orcish Blade weapon added
- Lizardman Spear weapon added
- Orcs can now smell you if you are at a close distance from them
- fixed bug which caused dragging empty items resulted in picking up previously highlighted items
- attempting to use lockpicks on your party members will now display a message saying you cant do that
- magic and health potions no longer use separate processes from each healing factor
- massive overhaul of damage detection process (FPS boost)
- chest debugging text removed
- cheap text panels removed
- fixed issue display party member 4's neck wear as a ring wear

Pre-Alpha 1.2.9

(October 12th, 2021)

- Character Creator option for Orcs changed to Half-Orcs (not yet available for selection)
- You can now drag and drop items from your inventory onto your party members to use them! :health:
- image sprite reference code started for migrating party member weapon sprites to unique IDs
- debug text for drag and drop item function commented out
- debug text added for when attempting to use an unknown item
- you can now attempt to use any type of item , even if unknown
- vsync disabled
- attempting to use quest item will display a notification that you cannot use the item
- attempting to use/equip armor or weapons will display a prompt (since we cannot equip yet in this demo)

Pre-Alpha 1.2.8

- Orc Warrior Boss, health increased
- fixed bug not allowing item pickups if inventory was full in the past
- fixed issue of displaying torch unlit and lit on top of each other in party member belts
- fixed issue with torch icons displaying two layers on each other
- corrected the way weapon sprites are displayed
- pressure plate moved
- cursor will return to pointer when closing menus
- drag and drop from inventory now works with holding down the left mouse button and releasing
- dragging an item over the close button no longer automatically closes the inventory
- items can now be dropped on party members (not yet use the items with this feature)
- left-click text now white and no longer hidden
- hover item over characters no longer makes them use their weapons

Pre-Alpha 1.2.7

- removed torch ID system (unneeded)
- cursor pointer will revert from hand to pointer if right click pressed in inventory
- added ice spell sound effect
- you can now toggle on and off player bump sounds
- you can now toggle on and off enemy speech audio

Pre-Alpha 1.2.6

(October 5th, 2021)

- dud quests added to quest journal
- added option to turn off and on music
- removed unneeded additional torch collection process
- fixed issue where collecting a torch from a chest will set torch amount rather than add
- orcs will now react to loud sounds (chests and doors closing)
- fixed issue with new FOV option

Pre-Alpha 1.2.5

(October 3rd, 2021)

- Character Creator text "customize" and "create" better aligned within buttons
- Added new settings option allowing you to enable wider FOV
- color correction to fog (less green)
- game over will automatically close all menus if opened
- added extra check for party member switching if one happens to die

Pre-Alpha 1.2.4
(September 26th, 2021)

- Party member 1's mp will no longer exceed maximum
- fixed issue where clicking on items in the inventory while in battle caused attack actions
- picking up an item from the inventory will now change cursor into a hand icon
- if a party member attempts to eat food but is full, a message will display that he/she is full
- if a party member uses a hp, mp or stamina potion and is already full, a message will display as such
- if a party member attempts to use a cure, a message will display that he/she isn't poisoned
- using any consumable item will now display text of which party member used the item
- using the close button in the inventory screen will change the hand cursor back into a pointer

Pre-Alpha 1.2.3

(September 25th 2021)

- fixed issue related to interacting with items, chests, webs and switches behind menu windows
- fixed issue with being able to collect items behind close walls
- improved raycasting for item collection
- minor changes to zombie attack animations

Pre-Alpha 1.2.2

(September 24th, 2021)

- debug text for left click removed
- fixed bug that caused the game to freeze if you were to look up or down

Pre-Alpha 1.2.1

- a black background has been added Notes and Books messages
- crash bug fixed for left click on item slots that originally had an item in them

Pre-Alpha 1.2.0

- chest containing buggy shield replaced with typical chest
- orc 2nd attack animations are now smooth (1st attack still needs improvements)
- shield on wall, moved to prevent conflict with chest nearby on other side of wall
- shields on walls now use similar collect mechanic as wall torches.
- collectable shields now remain in inventory
- default titlescreen and loadscreen replaced
- cursor will now always remain on screen if you exist menus in-game

Pre-Alpha 1.1.9

- inventory selection system given a default starting value in hopes of preventing crashing on spell tab
- spell descriptions are currently commented out to also prevent possible crash on spell tab
- secret door added
- fog color improved
- large mp potions can now be used
- introduction of drag and drop items (currently does not active items on drop)
- fixed bug allowing the player to look up and down after dying
- fixed bug allowing the player to open and close chests after dying

Pre-Alpha 1.1.8

- New test note added
- collectable sword added to map
- collectable dagger added to map
- collectable shield added to map wall
- new hazard added: item pickups can trigger traps
- golden bow added
- party member wears now reference item index rather than hard-coded equipment
- Replaced the majority of armor place-holder names with complete names

Pre-Alpha 1.1.7

- Spells no longer display "weight"
- SAO effect disabled to prevent visual bug
- fog bug fixed
- spell tab crash fixed (error line 2212)

Pre-Alpha 1.1.6 (August, 21, 2021)

- ice spell is now usable
- Resurrect Spell Icon added
- Lightning Spell Icon Added
- Heal Other Spell Icon Added
- Curse Spell Icon Added

Pre-Alpha 1.1.5
(June 30th, 2021)

- Hover cursor for spider webs
- armor tab hover over icons now displays details
- quest item hover over icons now display details
- item pickup process optimized
- bump sound added for player
- can now close settings tab by pressing space

Pre-Alpha 1.1.4
(June 25th, 2021)

- Gelatinous Cube now kills entire party if entered
- modified dungeon level
- first orc encounter moved away from hidden door (to prevent overlapping dialogue with rogue's detection of doors)
- correction to armor slots
- new heavy armor added
- hand cursor added to indicate pickups and interactive objects

Pre Alpha 1.1.3

- Removed unnecessary instances of inventory tab click detection
- Armor tab added
- new armor added
- bows removed from armor tab
- quest item tab added

Pre Alpha 1.1.2

- Extended torch flame life
- weapon inventory tab added!
- items will float when you attempt to pick them up off the ground
- new swords, axes, staves and daggers added!
- preliminary back-end work for armor and quest item inventory tabs
- handling of inventory tab clicks optimized
- 'P' Hotkey added to bring up weapon inventory
- right clicking on party members which open status menu, tightened up click width

Pre Alpha 1.1.1

- Corrected enemy rotation to face player when attacking
- player no longer starts with a torch already at hand
- torch collection system improved
- torch count added to refresh cycle
- unlocking a chest will automatically open it
- character creator title text alignment corrections

Pre-Alpha 1.1.0

- Auto-Torch enabled by default
- Gates are now ignored by hidden passage detection
- When lockpicks break, amount remaining will displayed

Pre-Alpha 0.99

- Weapon index data corrections
- weapon ID of 0 now means empty slot
- Party member one in demo will start with 2nd hand free to allow for equipping torch
- Shield bash sound effect fixed
- Introduced new shield type

Pre-Alpha 0.98

- Supporting graphics added for 1920-1200 screens for Title Screen and Loading Screen.
- Supporting graphics added for 1280-720 screens for Title Screen and Loading Screen.
- Removed duplicate starting character stats
- Fixed Bug causing all enemies to always face North and not the player
- Ice Staff will now emit ice instead of fire
- Party members will now reference weapon ID's rather than be set static variables

Pre-Alpha 0.97

- Bug Fixed: Party members 2,3,4 can now use vital potions
- Bug Fixed: Drinking Poison will no longer heal you
- Removed text prompt saying to press enter to use switches
- Version number display moved to the left (was off screen on small resolutions)
- Character Creator header shifted to left to center of screen
- "description" header removed from character creator
- stat description text box height extended
- Can no longer consume vigor potions if your health and stamina are full
- Large stamina potion will fill stamina bar
- can now use exuberance potions to recover magic and stamina

Pre-Alpha 0.96

- Removed unused text prompts
- Complete list of in game items have now been moved to global accessible list
- "Start Game" in character creator font size reduced
- "Customize" text in character creator shifted to the left to not overflow button

Pre-Alpha 0.95

- New floor triggers to open some doors
- fixed issue with clickable region for closing and opening books
- floor triggers can now open and close doors (not just open)
- fixed issue with party member 2's starting stats in character creator
- grammar corrections in debug prompt text
- Fixed click box area with option to enable and disable subtitles
- Character Creator header has been replaced with an image
- loading text removed from intro
- new story intro text included before character creator


Pre-Alpha 0.94

- Locked chest chance of opening changed from 1/100 to 1/5
- cannot drink vital potions if health and magic are full
- large vital potions will now fill health and magic to the maximum
- fixed issue with party member 4 starting health value
- controls button in main menu fixed to no longer display as "back" when mouse hover
- can no longer spam the attack button to consistently deliver blows
- double attack bug fixed

Pre-Alpha 0.93

- light reconfiguration of ceiling and floor tiles
- new mechanic added to door system to allow for already opened doors
- one switch now has the ability to control multiple doors
- further adjustments to overall ambient colors
- player torch light range reduced
- player torch light color darkened to prevent over-bloom
-ice staff added
- emerald staff added
- two new shields added
- weapon durability goes down each time you use the weapon on an enemy
- 5 additional new staves have been added (unknown effects)
- few more menu button graphics changed
- Fixed Rogue class detection of secret passages and doors
- Fixed synchronization issues with switches and multiple gates
- Switches no longer check distance from player constantly

Pre-Alpha 0.92

- Fixed fire staff
- Continued work on converting isolated weapon variables to tables
- Fixed issue with party member 2's starting health
- small adjustments to overall color ambient lighting

Pre-Aloha 0.91

- Unused weapon data code removed
- Attempting to use torch from inventory when hands are full will now display notification
- Enemy default variables set to random numbers in case of nil returns
- Fixed issue with no experience gain from enemy kills
- Aware/Alert sounds added to Goblins and Zombies (currently placeholder SFX)
- Fixed Character Creator error "dexr"

Pre-Alpha 0.90

- Fixed issue with Low Graphics setting disabling mouse wheel functionality
- Fixed issue with music stopping when you open Options menu and close it
- Fixed issue with chest closing sound
- Party member 1 and 2 now use variable lists for weapon data
- Fixed issue a few issues with items reappearing in chests that are not manually closed
- Fixed issue with party members with hands full attempting to use torches
- Torch handling code optimized

Pre-Alpha 0.89

- demo level wall seam fixes
- Inventory category "Aids" renamed to "Items"
- Inventory category "Misc" removed
- Inventory categories spaced apart for clear distinction
- placeholder weapon/armor properties text added to status screen
- Party Member weapon icon displays now reference from arrays
- Party Member portraits now reference from arrays
- Level Up system will now reference the array names and leveled up notification arrays
- Leveled Up global variable removed and replaced entirely with arrays
- Stat Point variables removed and replaced entirely with arrays
- Cursor reactivation added to character creator to prevent inactive mouse controls
- additional code added to inventory system to prevent errors
- sensitivity of mouse clicks on items from inventory has been improved
- resting will now recover magic and stamina
- You can no longer eat food if your health is already full
- code added to prevent the ability for dead party members to eat food
- drinking large hp potions will now recover health to 100%
- you can no longer drink hp potions if your health is already full
- new item placeholder added for revival potion to resurrect dead/fainted party member
- status screen code has been completely overhauled to preform better (it also has 102 less lines of code now)
- torch system has been improved to allow for party member's 1 and 2 to use torches if they happen to have an available weapon slot free

Pre-Alpha 0.87 - 0.88

- generic SFX added for items collected within chests
- some more debugging code removed from chests
- (internal) Party Member wears/clothing variables converted to arrays
- Fixed crash involving party member 3, when viewing status menu

Pre-Alpha 0.86

- Loading screen bug fix (no screen tear)
- randomized tips on load screen
- Spelling and Grammar corrections
- small changes to demo exit corridor
- outro event now displays text even after the player has left the event area
- small update to scenery torch light radius size

Pre-Alpha 0.85

- Fixed Bug that would flash screen white if any menu window is opened while looking down
- Can no longer interact with top buttons when looking up or down
- Torch wall holder properties have been updated
- audio media loading system optimized
- Bug fix for duel monitors causing havoc
- Bug fix for mouse scroll wheel. You can again select party members with the mouse wheel
- bug fix cursor will not disappear if you press ESC and then resume game

Pre-Alpha 0.84

- Take All button added to replace text
- Take All button moved to left of screen to avoid accidental clicks when opening chests
- a few debug text prompts removed
- Settings and Inventory external file saving now saves to root
- chests will close if you look away from them while they are opened
- "Dismiss" option text has been removed from party member status screen
- version text display is now shifted to top right and with full text: Pre-Alpha Version #.#
- additional room added to test memory limits

Pre Alpha 0.83

- floor loot collecting system has changed to support the new chest system being developed
- chest loot now includes different sized potions
- can now once again take items from chests
- chest loot now contains all new consumable loot
- chest loot randomization improved
- holding the interactive button or left button on mouse, will no longer repeatably attempt to pick locked chests

Pre-Alpha 0.82

- Taking torches off walls will once again emit a sound effect
- text notification will display for when a chest is closed manually or if player steps away from chest
- correction to treasure chest raycast
- duplicate initialization function removed from chests
- :spider_web: spider/cob webs have been added to the overall design of the dungeon
- removed some legacy unused weapon code
- chest item displays have been repaired
- 3rd party member has right hand weapon removed
- all party members can now uses torches (rather than just 4th party member)

Pre-Alpha 0.81

- Collected items that stack in inventory will no longer display "collected and stacked" and instead will just display the item name with "collected"
- wall torch sound system moved to visible flame script
- collectable wall torch script now merged to main item script
- fixed bug causing wall torches to not increase collected torch count
- New Feature - Immersive Mode, which hides all huds from screen
- small adjustment to ceiling tiles
- inventory slot max increased from 27 to 30

Pre-Alpha 0.80

- improvements to clickable toggle regions in the settings menu and top icons
- item collection debug prompt removed
- You can now pick up items off the ground alternatively by pressing Enter
- Switches can now be alternatively be operated by pressing Enter
- Torches on walls can now alternatively be collected by pressing Enter
- Enter key press check has been added to chests

Pre-Alpha 0.79

- Party Member beginner stat variables moved to entry script rather than main constant loop
- redundant/unused attack code removed
- auto potion setting optimized
- movement variables switched to local from global
- removed duplicate movement data
- old comments removed from movement script
- heavily reduced the amount of code behind the inventory slot panel drawing
- item data duplication removed from inventory handling
- drop option removed from inventory, engine doesn't support it
- in game settings will create a settings file to store information
- version number will now display from the start of the game to even if your party member dies
- Inventory is now populated dynamically!
- using items no longer has multiple instances of checks to play sounds
- looking up or down no longer can happen if a window is open, thus allowing right click operations on menus

Pre-Alpha 0.78

- You can now skip the entire character creator process by simply pressing SPACE and jumping right into the game play
- In game settings variables switched from global to local to lighten up on memory/performance
- chests and doors also have global variables switched to local
- left hand and right hand attack damage stats now added to the status menu
- resting will now save the game (press R to rest)
- cant rest if enemies are nearby
- test fire in room with cooking stove has been updated so its light doesn't bleed into other areas

Pre-Alpha 0.77

- Orc speeches no longer overlap in audio captions
- Improvements to player detection by enemies
- Auto Torch mode disabled from start
- Status Menu attack points display currently have weapon bonus status disabled from view. Due to conflict with duel wielders
- Using a shield as a weapon will now result in a +1 damage as opposed to 0
- Torch equip system has been modified
- Party members' levels set to 1 from start
- Party members' experience set to 1 from start
- Party members' experience required for level up now configured to use mathematics
- Further UI text alignment adjustments to Stats
- Depth of Field is now configurable from the in game Settings menu
- Depth of Field enabled by default
- Correction to SAO option toggling
- Setting Bloom to on or off will set it to either 95 in value or 1 in value as opposed to 0. To prevent it disabling depth of field and SAO configurations
- Orc idle animation now a seamless loop
- Fixed a couple holes that displayed the skybox through walls
- An experimental glowing item has been added for shader testing purposes
- initial party member stats now moved off of main UI script

Pre-Alpha 0.76

- Status menu screen optimized to use less code
- Status menu base stats variables now aligned with left justification
- Status menu variables colors changed to a slight yellow to stand out
- Text "Experience" removed and replaced with just the experience values to simplify the UI
- Character portraits have been scaled up for the Character Creator
- Orc curiosity sight distance increased

Pre-Alpha 0.75

- Clickable attack box height extended on enemies to make it possible to attack smaller enemies lower in view
- Fixed issue that ruins the controls if you happen to open a chest box and move away
- compass that hides when chest is opened, will now display when "take all" option is used

Pre-Alpha 0.74

- You can now adjust the SAO Visual Effects from the in-game settings menu
- Dust Particle Emitter removed (was hurting performance)
- Spider Webs reintroduced now that raycaster issues have been fixed
- corrections to 3rd torch in map
- lighting adjustments to overall map
- player capsule no longer jumps when space is pressed causing torch light to jump
- rogue class detecting hidden doors will now ignore obvious doors like gates
- internal code added to prevent possibly crashes if enemy name detection fails
- raycaster has been improved, player can no longer walk through chests, small enemies and objects of medium height
- fixed issue that was preventing orcs from talking
- new music added!
- new enemy - Rats!
- fixed issue with wall torch sounds conflicting with neighboring torches
- enemy health bar will hide if you open a chest

Pre-Alpha 0.73

- title screen music fixed to reference correct track
- additional changes to text graphics on main menu
- Auto Torch is now enabled by default
- bloom settings applied by default
- sunlight blocking structural additions to ceilings
- small changes to text in inventory categories (categories is currently not yet implemented)
- water plain is now hidden
- lens flare is disabled

Pre-Alpha 0.72

- Blinking torch value removed from top right of screen
- title button graphics changed to custom buttons
- removed some unused sound files
- minor structural changes
- intro story text temporary removed
- pressing the attack keys will no longer attack if the enemy is already dead
- if a party member is overpowered with defense points based on armor, the enemy doing damage has a 50% chance of inflicting 1 point of damage if the enemy has negated no damage in calculation

Pre-Alpha 0.71

- Slight modification to ceilings to prevent skybox light leaking into dungeons
- torch flame life extended (was accidentally shorten in last build)
- placeholder window light decals removed
- UI code optimized
- new section added
- enemy subtitle dialogue will now display the creatures name along with the spoken text

Pre-Alpha 0.70

- Fixed bug causing text notification display spamming actions at top left of screen
- Pressing T without a torch equipped will now equip and lit a torch if you happen to have one in your inventory and the current party member selected has a free hand
- if you have a party member that is of Rogue class, they will tell you when a secret passage is detected and their name will be displayed along with the message.
- Rogue's that detected a hidden passage, will no longer mention it, if that passage has already opened.
- new music added
- title screen updated


Pre-Alpha 0.69

- New Armor: Emerald Boots and Emerald Gloves
- fixed issue not showing slash graphics for when attacking via spacebar
- damage inflicted on enemies now reference weapon damage of current weapon used
- weapons provide defense (blocking action)
- party member defense when attacked by enemy is now modified based on what clothing the character is currently wearing
- party member defense score is now displayed in the status menu with the modifiers tallied
- party member base attack now included in tally with weapon damage
- party member's attack points with weapon modifiers can now be visible in status menu

Pre-Alpha 0.68

- You can equip unlit torches then light them pressing T then once the torch goes out the torch is removed from the weapon slot
- weapon icon will fade grey during cooldown periods
- weapon slot graphics now use unique sprite data to allow for additional effects to icons - small additions to pre-alpha test level
- collectable dagger added
- enemy defense points lowered
- When a party member levels up, a line of text will appear near their name to indicate this

Alpha 0.67

- Weapon slash graphics and sounds are now dynamically loaded and displayed
- Clicking on weapon slots will use the weapon on enemy now
- you can use weapons from the weapon slot, even when not in battle
- Use Right Click to attack with whatever weapon is equipped in the right hand
- any party member can now equip a torch to the right hand
- you can now equip torches to selected party members
- you cannot ignite a torch if one is not already equipped
- using a torch from the inventory will no longer automatically light it
- torch equip notification text added
- right handed weapon will now appear in right hand slot in character status window
- two switches can now activate the same door
- new gate model has been added
- chest take all button will be hidden if all items are already looted
- opening and closing chests has been improved
- lit torch icon has been added to top left of screen
- Shield Bash SFX Added
- Dagger Swing SFX Added
- Flame SFX Replaced with subtler version
- party member number 4's name display height aligned
- increased length of time slash graphics effects stay on screen

Alpha 0.66

- Using a torch will now equip the torch to the free hand of the current selected party member
- attempting to light a torch while another is already lit will no longer flood the notification text box
- when a party member is injured, the portrait will flash red
- when an enemy injured a party member the floating damage value will now float above the target's portrait rather than the center of the screen
- debug code added to prep weapon icon select to attack process

Alpha 0.65

- fixed bug for using items on screen when inventory is not yet opened
- blank text will no longer display while nothing is selected in the inventory
- auto party member switch after attack options disabled at start (configurable)
- demo exit will now exit the game once space key is pressed
- Settings tab menu now contains sub tabs for *gameplay, audio and graphics)
- Auto Torch Lighting option added to Settings
- Large Mouse Cursor mode is now configurable to small or large
- UI updated to include left and right handed slots for each party member
- weapon placement in status menu fixed
- version number lowered on screen
- status menu will now display level and experience
- lack of stamina message will no longer flood the text box, it will now check to see if the message is already displayed before posting
- party member weapons are now dynamically displayed in the stats display menu

Alpha 0.64

- Additional lighting adjustments
- Overall brightness adjusted
- Custom characters will no longer be called "bob" nor "jane"
- Character Creator gender and race will now generate a name for the character
- Party Member status menu texts aligned

Alpha 0.63

health UI moved closer to portraits
- All party member gauges width reduced
- cannot attack with space bar while a menu is open at the same time
- cannot attack with mouse while a menu is open at the same time
- ceiling meshes better aligned
- Knight no longer uses Orc sounds
- fog distance increased
- ambient lighting increased
- depth of field has been added
- fixed bug causing stamina potions to be used when clicking other items
- status screen rearranged
- stamina added to status screen
- doors closing will now notify by text
- party member weapons now visible onscreen

Alpha 0.62

- Fixed broken torch light flicker process
- enemy starting position walking disabled to prevent a myriad of issues
- enemy position and AI data debug prompt text hidden
- new enemy - Knights
- can now operate door switches with SPACE bar
- attack data better optimized
- improvements to idle animation cycle for enemies
- Enemies now have a loopable idle animation (finally)
- if enemy is already engaged in attack with player, it will not say "is someone there" as it will then already know someone is there

Alpha 0.61

- SFX added for when consuming food items
- SFX audio files will clear from memory at start of game (to prevent memory issues)
- Press R to Rest - Resting will now fill your health and magic back to max
- Cannot rest if enemies are near by
- Enemies will now give off a variable if in range to prevent sleeping
- Attempting to use a torch already lit will now notify that the torch is already lit
- Internal audio/foley recording memo added (to keep track of original scores and audio)
- zombies now drop gold loot
- switch added to open door closed by pressure plate

Alpha 0.60

- Press T to re-ignite a torch
- re-introduction of pressure plate triggered doors
- backwards movement adjusted to fix torch light smoothness with camera
- removed physical properties off various scenery objects and props

Alpha 0.59

- Improved clickable regional box detection (not yet perfect)
- new cycle added to prevent magic bar going into negatives
- interactive objects aligned to grid
- all wall mount torches can now be taken
- wall mounted torches light ranges have now been reduced to prevent bleeding through walls - removed decals that were behind walls
- Torch pick up sound effected added
- Unique Torch SFX loop added for player torch
- Torch ignition sound effect added
- programming optimization (now back to 100 FPS from 60)
- wallmount torches now emit a torch burning sound based on distance
- wallmounted torch light radius reduced (further)

Alpha 0.58

- 2nd instance of mouse cursor removed (causing performance issues)
- cursor pointer sized reduced
- slight improvements to clickable box regions in inventory (still needs improvements)
- physics properties removed for decals
- lightray decals now have fixed orientation
- walltorch mesh has been edited in Fragmotion to separate the torch from the holders to prepare a new system for taking torches from walls and using them as collectable items
- you can now take torches that are mounted on walls
- Torch life extended
- Torch flames and torch lights are now "childs/children" of torch entity (parent)
- game now starts without a torch lit
- torchlight variable debug text removed from screen
- you can now stamina potions regardless if your stamina is full
- Now finally have smooth cursor movement !

Alpha 0.57

- Fixed issue where goblins would spawn outside of the playable area
- dungeon corridor alignments corrected
- FOV on options menu disabled (changing FOV prevents chests from working)
- Attempted workaround fix for passable doors issue
- You can now use potions regardless if you are not injured
- doors now close faster to prevent player from attempt to sneak through and get stuck
- New SFX added for when doors close
- Opening doors sped up to match SFX duration
- dust particle effects added for when doors shut close
- inventory menu optimized to increase performance
- fixed bug related to right-clicking on items ended up using all items within the slot clicked
- torch life longevity reduced
- ambient lighting increased

Alpha 0.56

- Starting Party Member #2 Named Juliet, is no longer displayed with a portrait of a Male Human
- Debugging on screen text has been removed for doors
- More tutorial podiums added
- Slight raycasting improvements
- enemies may move around when the party is far away from them


Alpha 0.55

- Raycaster will now ignore the controller entity using a global object ID variable rather than a static object ID which could pose issues in the future
- Backwards movement controls updated
- collisions removed from rugs

Alpha 0.54

- Fixed issue related to party members portraits going red before actually dying
- slight level map modifications
- you can now open and close doors with levers
- doors will now force to start or end Y axis if ever moved to far past points
- door opening speed changed to match sound effect of it opening

Alpha 0.53

- You can now select a portrait of your character!
- You can now choose to be a Dwarf (male only) or Elf (female only)
- audio added for when character is selected
- Zombie Death SFX changed
- Orc small attack SFX changed
- added some new areas to check out

Alpha 0.52

- Pick a Class for each party member
- Pick a Race for each party member (currently locked to humans only)
- Pick a Gender for each party member
- Pick a Portrait for each party member - Orc attack audio replacement

Alpha 0.51

- Game will attempt to adjust the FOV at first load of Dungeon
- death sounds added to all party members
- recovery potions now recover by percentage
- Apples and Tomatoes recovery 5 points of health

Alpha 0.50

- You can now enable or disable Fast Movement
- You can now enable or disable Fast Rotation
- You can now enable or disable Bloom Effect
- You can now enable or disable Auto Potions
- You can now enable or disable Auto Party Member Switch
- You can now enable or disable Audio Subtitles
- You can now enable or disable Footstep Sounds

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