Guild of Peculiars

Estimated Road Map and Tasks

August 2022

- Fix Chests Bugs (chests share same loot, sometimes loot reappears after taking, etc)
- Loot armor
- Equip armor
- Unequip items back into inventory

September 2022

- Add Chest Key and Dungeon Key that open specific chests and doors
- Level Up system lets you pick stats to boost based on class
- Learn spells
- Equip spells
- Scrolls
- Introduced locked doors and picklocking for doors

October 2022

- Traps
- Runes (traps and spells)
- Add Party Member Traits
- add special torches that are green that cannot be taken

November 2022

- Apply External File Saving
- Add merchant
* Introduce bosses
* Make multiple levels
- Secrets
* Create Difficulity Modes
- Expand demo level dungeon
* Release The Guild of Peculiars Demo!

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