Guild of Peculiars

Estimated Road Map and Tasks

October 2021

- Loot armor
- convert all references to weapons to use item ID
- add two new variables to item ID for defense and damage. For use by armor and weapons. It might be possible to leave some items that are not armor or weapons without a defense or damage table property. Just when its being checked for a nil check will be required. if nil, then its not a weapon or armor.

November 2021

- Learn spells
- Equip weapons
- Equip armor
- Equip spells
- use spells
- Scrolls

December 2021

- Fix Chests Bugs (chests share same loot, sometimes loot reappears after taking, etc)
- Add Chest Key and Dungeon Key that open specific chests and doors
- Introduced locked doors and picklocking for doors

January 2022

- Level Up system lets you pick stats to boost based on class
- Add Party Member Traits
- Traps
- Runes (traps and spells)
- add special torches that are green that cannot be taken

Feburary 2022

- Apply External File Saving
- Add merchant
* Make Enemies Move based on grid

March 2022

* Make multiple levels
- Secrets
* Introduce bosses
* Create Difficulity Modes
- Expand demo level dungeon
* Release The Guild of Peculiars Demo!

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