Video Game Projects

JRPG Monster Catcher
Engine: RPGMaker XP

I've been using RPGMaker XP for quite an amount of years, however I never really gotten far enough with any of my prototypes. That is until only a few months ago when I decided to really try something unique. Going with a paper cut out look.

While RPGMaker XP is a video game engine that was primarly intended for games made for Windows XP, the standalone games made with the engine appear to work very well in 64-bit Windows like Windows 7 right through to Windows 10. It is however a Windows only based engine, so there won't be any exports to any other platform without some emulation.

Monster Catcher, is a roll playing top down video game that is plays like most J-RPG's (Japanese RPG's) whereas you gain party members and they level up as they battle and aquire items and equipment to support their adventure. The battle screens take the player away from the top-down perspect and instead put the sprites face / head-on.


When working with RPGMaker XP from the start I've always been very curious as to what styles to work with at this was an engine with but few limitations in regards to the game sprites. You could essentionally take a photo of an object and bring that into the game. So the possibilities are really endless. I was considering doing ink drawings or even claymation. In the end I found the best style to go with was to use simplistic vector based shapes and adding a bit of a shadow to it to elude that its construction paper cut outs.

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