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I work with not-for-profit organizations, private and public services, influencers, businesses, filmmakers, musicians and product developers. Even food merchants and more!

Website. Yes, You'll Need One.

In Today's world some may question having a website. Does it make sense to have one in the dawn of Social Media? One reason you should deeply consider having a website for your business is even if you primarily use social media to engage with your audience or customers, you'll need a website landing page, at the least, to help verify your business with companies like Google Business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Getting verified on these platforms can be a chore as competition gets stiffer, but making sure you have all grounds covered can heighten your possibility of getting verified. While i can't guarantee you'll get your little blue check mark on socials, I can assure you'll have increased traffic to your business by having a website.

Additionally websites act as a catch all to all the locations of which your business operates online. If you have several social media sites, a website acts as a location for customers or visitors to find all your connections to either you or your product. Its also a great way for Google to promote what you do. If you don't have a website its likely you will rank low on SEO and have a low digital footprint. Why not stand out from the crowd and be #1 on Google for your brand? Building a website is your start to succeeding on line.

I build two different types of websites for clients and it really depends on your needs. Static Websites act as Landing Pages, and these are websites that can range from just 1 page that gives brief description of what you do with a list of social media links, or up to 5 or more pages/links that can display portfolios or other aspects of what you do.

I also work with CMS to build websites that YOU can contribute to even years after your website is built for you. These types of websites are often considered blogs but there is a lot more versatility to CMS (Content Management Systems). You can even make where you have several different Web Editors to your website or blog and contribute articles posts or pages to your website. Its important to keep your website up to date, and its even better to do that for free each time you want to update its content. So CMS has a lot more value in the long run if you like to have a website that is organic and changing and growing with content (as opposed to a Static Website or Landing Page).

Brand Identity. Who Are You? Show Them!

The branding of your company can make or break your business, even if you have a fantastic product. One of the most powerful aspect of branding is having a logo that is recognizable, trusted, unique and instantly conveys what your brand is. Along with the creation of a logo you'll need to also consider all locations of which your logo and company name will be displayed. This includes Letter Heads, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Posters and variety of Digital Graphics. When I work with clients I like to make sure they have the perfect branding for their products that reflects the product design and functionality. No matter if that is a physical product, digital, audio, film or a service. I also help clients who wish to update their old logos.

Google Search. Better to be found, than lost.

Being searchable on Google is one of the most important ways to get NEW customers to intentionally or unintentional discover your business. I'll work with you to conduct the proper and effective setup of your Google Business profile, Google Maps, Call Collection data and weekly metric of Google Search performance. Will bring your website and business to the fore-front of Google Search. This will not only result in increased traffic to your website and social media, but will also increase your reach and provide direct contact information to your customers.

SEO. Chances are you've heard the term before but maybe still don't really know exactly what it means. Ironically, I've met many people who claim to be digital marketers and they also don't seem to know the true meaning; Besides it standing for "Search Engine Optimization". In reality SEO means building up your online presence so that your website and brand becomes perfectly optimized for Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. I work extensively to ensure you are not only just found on Google Search but on all other search engines on the internet. Additionally this means making sure you are discoverable to visitors whom are within the demographic of work you serve, in any country or language. In most cases search engines will require you to actively put a digital file on a server to verify your business, this is quite often a disregarded aspect of SEO that a lot of digital marketers overlook. Proper inclusion on search engines will drastically improve the traffic to your website.

The internet is highly competitive and so are search engine rankings. Why be on page 5 when you can be at the top of page 1 on Google? Well optimized websites and ensure you are easily searchable and discoverable by visitors intending to find you, or those searching for similar businesses to yours online.

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